Xavier Dean Aguilar cannot be summed up easily. His massive entrepreneurial success belies the scrappiness of his journey as a self-made man. His business acumen is now being put to use as an actor, since beginning his training in Los Angeles two years ago. Arriving on the scene, Aguilar landed his first role in shockingly quick fashion, making his acting debut in an independently financed film and following it up soon thereafter with another indie that has made the festival rounds. He continues to build an impressive resume.

Having made the decision to treat his new career with the same standard of excellence that brought him to the height of the entrepreneurial arena, Aguilar has been studying diligently under the tutelage of Anthony Meindl, who has been instrumental in shaping the careers of Shailene Woodley, Shawn Mendez and other notable stars.

Xavier’s entrepreneurial journey began at an early age, where he developed a unique passion for relationship building which stemmed from his unique combination of storytelling, self-deprecating humor and natural ability to entertain. Eventually, it led him to a lucrative career in both the real estate and personal branding industries. 

Aguilar’s extreme success created a long line of requests for him to share his knowledge, and the tricks of his trade, on public stages all over the world. Despite the current high demand for his speaking services, and his passion for mentoring and molding the next generation of successful entrepreneurs through his own inspiring journey, Aguilar has chosen to turn down multitudes of opportunities to focus on developing the craft of his Acting.


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